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Props to Hugo.  He named the upper part of the Silver Lake reservoir.  He named it “Ivanhoe.”ivanhoe-reservoir.jpg

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This from our eloquent friend in Virginia:

“The family of Kevin was correct to keep you away from the funeral, they knew you’d be wiping away tears with one hand & selling & autographing the funeral program with the other & your finger would be on auto-dial to the local TV & radio stations, to come & film the whole thing!”

Kevin’s death is the second best thing that every happened to you, Kelly!

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Thank you to Butch from Virginia for bringing the following to our attention. Apparentely, Kelly was “asked” (read: begged) to play a Quiet Riot song (that he never played on in the first place) in a band’s gig in Vegas. Here’s his account of his “reluctant” response:

“When I heard that I said NO! Not because I was nervous about going on stage or anything like that, I said no because of some, if not all of the flak, I caught after Kevin’s death by some who thought that, by coming on here and telling all of you the circumstances of his death and letting you all know what was going on, which was picked up by AP and UPI and put me on like a million websites, that I was trying to somehow profit from his death. I did this because I can tell you, this board was important and the people on it, were important to me and Kevin. And I felt you had a right to know. We’d both been here for quite a while, so I felt it right to tell it to all of you from the horses mouth. I felt, you had a right to know what was going on. I’m a wedding photographer in a little tiny town, I don’t want to be famous, I’m not trying to be a rock star. I’m way too old! So me, going on stage in some little club could be construed by some to appear as though that is exactly what I’m trying to do. I have in fact been very low profile on here for one thing, and I had even planned on NOT going to anymore Randy memorials, no more interviews, nothing. I was done with it all because of all the painful things that happened with Kevins passing. Don’t ask me. I resolved to have no more to say or do with any of it. And now this guy wants me to go up on stage and play a QR song? Not to mention a recent VERY painful event which has just occured to me as a result of being “whoever the hell I am”. NO! NO! NO! I ain’t doing it! Well, I’ve slowly, very slowly been changing my stance on all this. I absolutley loved Randy, and it was always so nice to always talk to his fans, and I decided I would miss that. But still. I wasn’t going to go up and play that song!

Well, he did. And now he’s selling a bunch of Randy and Kevin memorabilia!

Nice work taking the high road, Kelly!

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“Please stay inside the house tonight, Dolores.  Lately there’s been violence in the streets.  The moon is full but hearts are dark, Dolores.  Danger in every stranger you meet. 

 There’s a killer in the neighborhood, Dolores.  A man who sees a girl and goes berserk.  And you’re just the kind of woman that he preys on.  And my mind stays so upset it’s hard to work.

 While I’m working nights, I’m making my collections.  A few quarters for insurance every week.  Sometimes I can hardly find directions for fear some harm may fall you on the street. 

 The paper says the slayer struck another.  Even now, the law is searching for a clue.  And they’ve called me to identify your body.  Dolores, how could I know that it was you?

 I’d you’d stayed inside the house tonight, Dolores….”

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Arch-villian and shill for the Scientologists!

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