Trial set for Brockway brothers

Two accused of hacking victim with a 3-foot-long sword

POMONA – A trial date has been set for the two brothers accused of hacking a man with a 3-foot sword at a cabin at Mt. Baldy in September.Eric and Wesley Brockway will return to the Pomona Courthouse on April 28 to begin their trial. They have been charged with four counts of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit a crime, torture and aggravated mayhem, according to a Los Angeles County felony complaint.

Authorities said the brothers assaulted 47-year-old David Gregory outside Gregory’s cabin near Mt. Baldy Road.

Gregory said he has known the brothers since about 2002, when they first hiked into his canyon to escape the city below.

They became regular visitors to the area, hiking every six or eight weeks, Gregory said.

On Sept. 30, Gregory said he and the brothers barbecued chicken and drank beer together.

The men left and when Gregory awoke the next morning, he was shocked to see they had defaced the trail to his home with graffiti, he said.

The scrawl made derogatory comments about both Gregory and his dog, he said.

He cleaned up the graffiti, an act that is believed to have led to the attack.

The next time they met, Gregory said Wesley Brockway hacked at him with a sword and his older brother Eric Brockway sprayed him in the face with pepper spray. He fled the attack and was found on the road by a passer-by.

From the attack, Gregory had an arm and finger nearly severed by the sword. He was taken to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center with severe injuries and had his limbs reattached.

The two brothers pleaded not guilty in October to the charges and are still in custody.

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  1. hey i have know these guys for about 12 years now. wesley was one of my best friends for a real long time. i have some really interesting stories if you care to hear.

  2. I’m trying to figure out if this David Gregory involved is my cousin. Does anyone know him? I’ve lost touch with him over the past 10 years but he used to live in Mt Baldy years ago. I’m wondering if anyone can tell me what this David Gregory looks like?

    • I knew him and visited him in the hosptal after the attack. he said his family lives in florida and he has not seen any of them in years. dave used to live in ontario, CA. he has been living in Mt Baldy for we11 over 10 years now.

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