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“Psycho” – Eddie Noack

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“Dolores” – Eddie Noack

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“Please stay inside the house tonight, Dolores.  Lately there’s been violence in the streets.  The moon is full but hearts are dark, Dolores.  Danger in every stranger you meet. 

 There’s a killer in the neighborhood, Dolores.  A man who sees a girl and goes berserk.  And you’re just the kind of woman that he preys on.  And my mind stays so upset it’s hard to work.

 While I’m working nights, I’m making my collections.  A few quarters for insurance every week.  Sometimes I can hardly find directions for fear some harm may fall you on the street. 

 The paper says the slayer struck another.  Even now, the law is searching for a clue.  And they’ve called me to identify your body.  Dolores, how could I know that it was you?

 I’d you’d stayed inside the house tonight, Dolores….”

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