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The Nineteen Holy Mountains

Between 1958 and 1961, in a world mission known as Operation Starlight, 19 mountains around the world were filled with accessible spiritual energy. (See The Holy Mountains of the World )

Dr. George King, acting as a karmic representative of the human race, was needed to physically climb 18 of these 19 mountains. At a point on or near their summit, he entered into an elevated state and an initial Charge was sent through him into the mountain.

In this way, each mountain was charged with spiritual energy by the Cosmic Masters.

This energy is now available to all who expend the effort to climb these mountains to send out their prayers and healing. Each contains slightly different energies and can be used by people to help the world and themselves in different ways.

It has been stated by Saint Goo-Ling, an ancient Ascended Master of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, that the most potent spiritual practice in these days is to perform The Twelve Blessings on any of these Holy Mountains during a Spiritual Push.

Even outside these times, the amount of spiritual energy that can be contacted and directed from atop one of these Holy Temples of Nature is equal to the energy only an Adept could have invoked in the past. The healing and prayers sent out from one of these Charged Mountains is magnificent, and can have dramatic results. Many pilgrims have experienced mystical states during such Pilgrimages.

MOUNT BALDY in Southern California
Charged on August 9, 1959


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