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The purpose of this operation is to return a token payment of energy to the Mother Earth, in recognition of the sacrifice She made to allow humanity to continue its existence. For millions of years She has accepted restriction without a thought of repayment from us for the limitation endured to permit our evolution to continue.

George King out of all the Adepts and Illuminati of the past, has been the only one to feel so keenly the debt owed to The Logos of Planet Earth, and devised the idea of a metaphysical operation which could repay in a significant way some of the energies which She has sacrificed in the process of actually postponing Her own Evolution, which unrestricted would have raised the vibration inherent in terrestrial matter to a level incompatible with human life.

Phase one took place in California form 24th to 30th of September 1966, during which two batteries were charged on Mt.Baldy and later discharged into a Psychic Center of The Earth situated offshore from Santa Barbara.The batteries were charged by St.Peter using George King as a channel for part of this energy, the remainder was by George King himself utilising that from the charged Mt.Baldy, which is one the nineteen mountains so endowed during Operation Starlight.

Phase One of Operation Sunbeam, consisted essentially of Prayer Teams sending forth energy to be stored directly in specially devised radionic batteries, which were constructed by members of The Aetherius Society under the supervision of The President Sir George King. Prayer Teams needed to be sited on one of the Charged Mountains in order to access the enegies therein. Later, in Phase Two The power from the activity of the Prayer Team, was firstly stored in a “collector” and transferred to a reciving apparatus linked up in the Center in Los Angeles and was then conveyed to storage batteries via a Spiritual Energy Radiator attached. In the final phase the batteries have to be discharged over a Psychic Center on The Surface of The Earth. So far, these Centers have alway been found to exist under many fathoms of water. There is the one off the coast of Santa Barbara, and another under Lake Powell. In the British Isles, there is one in The Bristol Channel and another under Loch Ness, so famous for its somewhat elusive monster, but it was not until 1977 that the Mission was performed there.

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