Will Bigham, Staff Writer

POMONA – A jury trial began Monday for two men accused of nearly killing a Mt. Baldy resident last year by attacking him with a samurai sword and pepper spray.

The proceedings in Pomona Superior Court included testimony from the victim of the attack, David Gregory, who while his alleged assailants sat in the courtroom only a few yards away described in gory detail the attacks against him.

Wesley Brockway, 27, of Ontario, and Eric Brockway, 33, are accused by prosecutors of attacking Gregory on Sept.30 and leaving him to die after a dispute related to graffiti.

Prosecutors say the brothers and two of their friends spray-painted graffiti three days before the attack along a canyon trail that leads to Gregory’s cabin about two miles south of Mt. Baldy Village.

The two men returned to attack Gregory after he painted over the graffiti, prosecutors said.

In testimony Monday, Gregory said the Brockway brothers, whom he had known since 2002, and two other acquaintances visited his cabin for a barbecue about noon Sept.27.

The men often met at Gregory’s canyon home to socialize, Gregory said.

Gregory said Wesley Brockway became angry the afternoon of the barbecue when he found a hip-hop magazine in Gregory’s possession with rapper Kanye West on the cover.

When he woke at about 8 the next morning, Gregory said he found graffiti along a half-mile stretch of trail leading to his cabin.

Gregory said he painted over the graffiti, and the Brockway brothers returned Sept.30 to confront him.Gregory said Wesley Brockway hacked him several times with a 3-foot samurai sword he often carried, nearly severing his left arm and a finger on his left hand.

Eric Brockway then sprayed him twice with pepper spray and told him he wouldn’t leave the canyon alive, Gregory testified.

Gregory was able to make his way to Mt. Baldy Road from his cabin after the attack, where he was helped by drivers who saw him lying beside the road.

The driver who initially found Gregory testified Monday that Gregory was covered in blood and drifted in and out of consciousness while he waited for help to arrive.

Gregory, who was dressed in a flannel shirt and jeans Monday, showed several of his scars from the attack to jurors during the court proceedings.

During opening statements Monday, Wesley Brockway’s defense attorney told jurors that statements from one witness conflict with the official police account of what occurred the day of the attacks.

The attorney, John Stanley, said that one of the men who was present during the attack told police a different version of events during untaped interviews with investigators.

Only statements that corroborated the official police version of the attacks were taped by investigators, Stanley said.

Deputy District Attorney Stefan Mrakich, the prosecuting attorney, said the Brockway brothers’ trial will likely last the rest of the week.

Everybody knows when you go to the show,
You can’t take the kids along.
You’ve gotta read the paper and know the codes
Of G, PG and R and X.
And you gotta know what the movie’s about
Before you even go.
Tex Ritter’s gone and Disney’s dead
And the screen is filled with sex.

Whatever happened to Randolph Scott,
Ridin’ the Trail alone?
Whatever happened to Gene and Tex
And Roy and Rex the Durango Kid?
Oh, whatever happened to Randolph Scott,
His horse plain as could be?
Whatever happened to Randolph Scott
Has happened to the best of me.
[ guitar ]

Everybody’s tryin’ to make a comment
About our doubts and fears.
True Grit’s the only movie I’ve really
Understood in years
You gotta take your analyst along
To see if it’s fit to see.
Whatever happened to Randolph Scott
Has happened to the industry.

Whatever happened to Johnny Mack Brown
And Alan Rocky Lane?
Whatever happened to Lash LaRue?
I’d love to see them again.
Whatever happened to Smiley Burnette,
Tim Holt, and Gene Autry?
Whatever happened to all of these
Has happened to the best of me.
Whatever happened to Randolph Scott
Has happened to the industry.

— Statler Bros, 1973

In the corner of dark bar room
Sat an ole’ cowboy singin’ western tunes
Singin’ songs he learned as a child
All about the West back when it was wild
He said he came from down Texas way
The cowboys were tough
The women the same way
Said he was a star back in ’31
Hollywood had liked him for some songs that he had done

He’s the last of the singin’ cowboys
Singin’ songs of inspiration and joy
Yippie Yi Yo, Yippie Ay Aye
He took a break, just to chug him down a beer
C’mon folks holler out the songs you’d like to hear
If I know one, I know a million tunes
I’m not up here playin’ for me
This is all just for you
And then he bragged on the Stinson hat that he wore
Said it was the finest made since the war
And he won the silver buckle ridin’ on a cow
And as he laughed he said
I’ll bet you’re wonderin’ how?

He’s the last of the singin’ cowboys
Singin’ songs of inspiration and joy
Yippie Yi Yo, Yippie Ay A ye

And after three hours or maybe more
A lady grabbed his arm
and showed him to the door
The bartender said, “he’s blind, you see
Don’t tell him the only audience he had was you and me”

‘Cause he’s the last of the singin’ cowboys
Singin songs of inspiration and joy
Yippie Yi Yo, Yippie Ay A ye

by the Marshall Tucker Band

Originally written in 1911, this song has an interesting history.

The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi

When the world goes wrong as it’s bound to do,
and you’ve broken Dan Cupid’s bow,
and you long for the girl you used to love,
the maid of the long ago,
why, light your pipe, bid sorrow avaunt,
blow the smoke from your altar of dreams,
and wreathe the face of your dream girl there,
the love that is just what it seems.
The girl of my dreams is the sweetest girl of all the girls I know.
Each sweet coed, like a rainbow trail, fades in the afterglow.
The blue of her eyes and the gold of her hair are a blend of the western sky,
and the moonlight beams on the girl of my dreams.
She’s the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi.
Every magic breeze wafts a kiss to you
from the lips of your sweet sixteen,
and one-by-one the maids you knew
all bow to your Meerschuam Queen.
As the years drift by on the tides of time,
and they all have forgotten but you,
then the girl of your dreams, the sweeter seems.
She’s the girl who is always true.
The girl of my dreams is the sweetest girl of all the girls I know.
Each sweet coed, like a rainbow trail, fades in the afterglow.
The blue of her eyes and the gold of her hair are a blend of the western sky,
and the moonlight beams on the girl of my dreams.
She’s the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi.

Last extra-inning game at Dodger Stadium, we noticed a lot of workers walking up a hill we had never seen. Google Earth provided the answer.  It’s the one in the upper center of the frame, surrounded by greenery.

This photo also reveals a second secret lot, just below and to the right of the first.

Porter Waggoner

When most people think of Porter Waggoner (if they ever do), they think of the Nudie suits, the TV show and the discovery of Dolly Parton.

But Porter wrote some weird and dark stuff.

Skid Row Joe

Skid Row Joe last night that’s who I found in the dirty part of town
Lost forgotten with no place to go
Tormented with a bitter taste outcast by the human race
A mask of torture was the face of Skid Row Joe
He walked up to where I stood on the street
Said pardon me Mister now don’t get me wrong I don’t want your money
Though heaven knows I could use it
But you see this is my home and you see the other bar down the street
Well that’s my home too
I noticed you starin’ at me a while ago you recognized me didn’t you
I said yeah Joe I know who you are
You was one time a real famous singing star one of my favorites
He said well I guess you heard they took my babies away from me
I said yeah Joe I read about it in the papers
Then he turned his head away and I saw the tears fall in the place
And he turned to me and he said you know Mister
This is the only place in the world that I’m not ashamed to show my face
But I’m gonna quit yes sir I’m gonna quit
And I’m gonna cut my hair and shave and get me a clean white shirt
Then I’m gonna walk up to her door
When she answers I’m gonna stand up real proud and tall
Then I’m gonna get on my knees
Then I’ll say sweetheart if you’ll take me back
I’ll spend the rest of my life makin’ up to you for what I’ve done
I’m so ashamed of myself and this I want you to know
Then I’m gonna take my two little babies and I’m gonna hold ’em so close to me
I ain’t gonna never let ’em go
I guess I should’ve told him then that she’d already remarried again
But after hearin’ what he’d said to me
Why there wasn’t no way I could add to his misery
So I said good luck my best to you Skid Row Joe

The Cold Hard Facts of Life

I got back in town a day before I’d planned to
I smiled and said I’ll sure surprise my wife
I don’t think I’ll phone I’ll just head on home
For I didn’t know the cold hard facts of life

I passed a little winestore on the corner I pictured big champagne by candle light
I stopped the car right then got out and hurried in
My mind not on the cold hard facts of life
A stranger stood there laughing by the counter

He said I’ll take two bottles of your best
Her husband’s out of town and there’s a party
He winkled as if to say you know the rest
I left the store two steps behind the stranger

From there to my house his car stayed in sight
But it wasn’t till he turned into my drive that I learned
I was witnessing the cold hard facts of life

I drove around the block till I was dizzy each time the noise came ouder from within
And then I saw our bottle there beside me
And I drank a fifth of courage and walked in

Lord you should’ve seen their frantic faces
They screamed and cried please put away that knife
I guess I’ll go to hell or I’ll rot here in the cell
But who taught who the cold hard facts of life
Who taught who the cold hard facts of life