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There is a little scene before the music starts in Corey Hart’s 1986 video “I Am By Your Side.”  Hart and a guy in a hardhat sit in the shade of a trailer near an oil rig in the desert.  A big foreman comes around the corner.

Hardhat:  This place is unbelieveable.  God, that heat jus’ goes on and on. (slapping Hart’s shoulder with his glove) I can’t believe you did that!  Whoo!

Foreman: Hart, you’re in trouble, boy.  I’ve been looking for you since yesterday.  Damn wiseguy.  What kind of stunt do you think you’re pulling here?  What’s with you, boy?  You gotta get your mind right, boy.  Know what I mean? Boy, don’t you talk much?

Corey Hart: I only do a few things…much.

And he walks away.

Move over, James Dean.

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